Path of the Djinn

The playtest is finally here, with a slight hint of poker

Hey there!

I've just realized it's been almost two months since the last post, worry not, we're still here! We were actually really, really busy.

We've finally wrapped up a first playtest build that we'd consider fit for Steam. What took us so long? We've been redesigning the combat system (again).

While we were satisfied with the Steam page look, we weren't fully happy about the game's combat uniqueness.

After some more internal testing and lots of work, we decided to take the game in a Balatro-like direction, a game that we really love. This first playtest constitutes the first push towards that.

This first build doesn't have the production value that we'd like, but we are truly shameless people and want to get it into players' hands as soon as possible.

A hint of poker (!?)

If you aren't familiar with Balatro (you should be, go play it!), the gist of it is that each turn you select 5 out of 7 drawn cards to constitute a hand that will empower your score when pressing play. The possible hands come from poker, e.g. flush, full house, four of a kind.

We're trying to go in a similar direction, giving it a more fantasy feel, with runes acting as symbols that need to be played in "hands" to empower the character's cards.

Path of the Djinn

If you haven't done that already, go request access to the playtest through the Steam page. We'll be staggering access over time as we iterate on new builds; it might be a while before all players requesting access get into the game.