Path of the Djinn

Boring post

First of all, the studio has a logo! Hope you like it!

Fioretto Studios

Alright, let's move on to the important stuff. We don't have that much to report, we are spending some weeks abroad to visit some relatives (I'm actually writing this post from my old room), we had a full week of vacation and a bit of disruption here and there, but now we're back at full steam :)!

I've been working on some back-endy stuff and marketing, while Kateryna keeps going with scene(s) related things. We're aiming for a steam page around mid November, but we'll see. We hope to have at least the following scenes on the steam page: 1) battle scene, 2) camping scene, 3) travel scene, 4) dialog scene, 5) a view of a skill tree. Not exactly sure how we'll fit a trailer in there but that's a must anyway, so we'll find the time.

As usual, Anton has been working hard and fast, we're really excited to plug his art into the game, but we don't want to spoil too much yet!

Marketing has been a bit lackluster, I've been posting on Twitter but without that much success, I should probably step up my efforts or do things smarter. Things (e.g. scenes, VFX, etc.) aren't at a point that we fully like but we should embrace our inner startup and just post more, shamelessly.

This post is probably a bit boring, but we're basically just going to push toward some nice-to-look-at scenes and work on marketing more and more. Expected more activity from us on Twitter and reddit.

Here's a pic of the current state of the battle scene!

Fioretto Studios